Essentially built around all the comfort and safety needs of its owners and their guests, Korba Royal Residence offers all the hallmarks of fine living with its luxury services and amenities. Catering to your lifestyle, there are a myriad of unique features and services working hand in hand and coming together seamlessly like the finest time-pieces in the world. Here is what you can expect to enjoy.


You’ll never have to be cramped up into an elevator again, or worse, be trapped in one. Our state-of-the-art elevators will take you up and down easily and effortlessly, with none of the daily troubles that we have all experienced. Not only that, but also our service areas are available for moving purposes.


With the luxurious double height entrance, you and your guests are always welcome inside the lobby where you can meet and greet new people.


Life happens, and things break, or something goes wrong. Luckily, our maintenance technicians are always available in case of your technical emergencies.


Our smart solutions make your home experience unique. Our systems are planned and programmed around your needs and preferences.


Our hygienic waste system is designed to provide homeowners with a means to conveniently dispose of their waste in a clean, and environmentally friendly way. Each home has its own waste shoot for convenience.


Meeting? Need privacy for a work session? Our business center and lounge will take care of all your work-related needs.


Enjoy a fine cigar while you complete some last minute business in the privacy of the cigar lounge that’s equipped with all the necessary business and leisure facilities.


With the click of a button, only homeowners can safely enter the premises. With the click of a button, only homeowners can safely enter the premises. Also, with the use of intercoms, life has never been easier.


Bored? We don’t know what that means. With access to an enormous movie library whenever you please, why would you ever want to leave home?


Your entire family’s well-being is vital to us and that’s why we provide 24/7 medical support from our neighboring hospital in case of medical emergencies.


Our public areas are Wi-Fi accessible, comfortable, luxurious, and will inspire and stimulate your creativity. World-renowned designers have carefully constructed our public areas to give you the ultimate satisfaction of your surroundings. Wherever you are, you will also have access to the IP supporting network.


With the constant power outages throughout Egypt, KRR has the perfect solution. Our generators are available whenever needed, and will save you all the time and effort you’ve been missing.


In case of an emergency, our systems 
are ready to notify you and your family immediately - the systems are accurate and reliable, to always keep you safe.


The children will always have a place to call their own. They can entertain themselves and their friends safely, while you have some time to work, play or just relax.


To cool down in Cairo’s scorching summer weather, you won’t have to leave home. When temperatures begin to drop, unwind and warm up, as the heated pool, Jacuzzi, and sun deck will be set just right for you.


When you need to relax or just want to treat yourself, a hair salon and barber are available, along with an invigorating gym, bathroom floor heating, and heat and sound insulation.


Why waste time doing laundry? All you have to do is drop your clothes off and pick them up. Your dry cleaner will take care of the rest. Need things delivered to your home? We’ve got that covered, too.


Feel safe inside your home, and have no doubt that while you’re away, security will always
 be keeping a careful watch day and night. Entrances and exits are manned, and the entire building is under 24/7 CCTV security-surveillance.


All of your transportation and car services are readily available around the clock. With your own personal chauffeur, limousine, valet for guests, and technical car services, what more could you want?


There is no doubt that parking is a hassle in Cairo. However, at KRR, your place is reserved for you around the clock. Parking will be one less worry for you when you come home.